Cruise Ships, Containers or Super yachts


  • Simple operation
  • Groups or businesses can share a common local system
  • Communication between multiple users simultaneously
  • Cost-effective system

Icom's IP advanced radio system can be used anywhere there is existing WLAN....even at sea on cruise ship or containers.

Traditionally, getting coverage with traditional radio systems through thick steel walls and floors has tended to be difficult and costly. With our IP radio system you only require access to the existing wireless network, in order to communicate. Importantly conversations can also be made in full duplex, group call... it is also possible to link communications with headquarters on land.

Importantly, since the IP products are licence free, you do not apply for international licenced channels.


Simple and cost-effective system for organisations who need to create a radio network using its own wireless network. Fits in all types of mobile vehicles such as ships, small boats, command & control vehicles, etc.

Cruise Ships, Containers or Super yachts

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