What is Icom's IP Advanced Radio System?

Icom’s IP Advanced Radio System works over wireless LAN (WLAN) and IP networks. The system utilises a network controller and remote communicators/handsets and provides secure conversation via WLAN security protocols (WPA-PSK and WPA-PSK2). The system is totally licence-free.

Can you describe a typical installation of an IP Advanced Radio System?

Typically there are two types of standard system. A lite version for 20 users with dispatch software and a full version with a maximum of 100 users (which can be daisy chained with other systems.)

What advantages does Icom’s IP Advanced Radio System have over traditional radio?

The system has a huge amount of benefits but we see it providing further choice for the consumer alongside analogue and digital radio offerings.

There are strong reasons for customers to move towards this new technology including no licence fee, encrypted communication and excellent audio quality.

When a communicator is connected to an optional headset the system is also capable of hands-free, full duplex communication allowing users to transmit/receive (talk/hear) concurrently.

The IP Radio system can be used like a normal radio system with individual and group calling. The controller has the technology to make group calls and for putting individual calls through. All of this is done by allocating each individual handportable a personality on the system. It’s a direct replacement to radio systems with increased capacity, but using different technology.

In terms of installation, the system can be so much simpler. To put communications in a building you would traditionally use a distributed antenna system maybe including a lift shaft to get full coverage. Now with the Icom IP Advanced Radio System the process is much simpler as it uses wireless access points around the building.

In terms of cost, how does an IP Advanced Radio System compare to ordinary two way radio systems?

If you are looking for a system where you just want push to talk from radio to radio or an all call basis this would possibly be an expensive option. If you are a company looking at 20 radio units and a repeater, then this is extremely cost effective. Add to that you also have the savings on installation from repeaters, leaky feeders, licensing as well as labour costs and you really have a great solution.

Can this system be used on both the 5 and 2.4 GHz bands?

This IP Advanced radio system can be used on both the 5 and 2.4 GHz bands with a built-in high security.

Can the IP Radio System improve customer service?

The key to better customer service in a retail/service environment is often instant communication between employees. Using the new Icom IP Advanced radio system you can raise the level of customer service by enabling instant communication between your support team and the front end of your business.

Your sales staff can get updates on an item's stock status without leaving their post. Your warehouse team can check the status and bring items up whilst your sales team continue to serve….these can be done in full duplex communication when headsets are used.

While performing their duties, your team can sometimes be difficult to locate. With Icom’s IP Advanced radio system you can communicate quickly and easily as well as being able to track them visually over the IP Remote dispatcher.

Icom’s advance radio system is fully duplex and provides a more discreet communication method than the generally disruptive store speaker system.

What is Radio Over IP?

Radio over IP (RoIP) is an expanded version of VoIP, transmitting the radio control signals such as PTT (Push to Talk) and COR (Carrier Operated Relay) in digital format in addition to the digital voice packets. With RoIP it is possible to offer end to end digital signaling from a handset to any other communications device in the world. RoIP technology eliminates the leased lines previously used to remotely control base stations by tones and, in a RoIP digital implementation there are no conversions from E&M (Ear & Mouth) to IP limiting the controls signals available or delaying the speed of signalling. Of course true end to end digital signalling and communications also facilitates end to end encryption for secure communications.

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