Other Business Applications


  • Revolutionary FULL DUPLEX communication system that works over a WLAN and IP Networks*
  • 2 systems currently available (Up to 20 users and up to 100 users)
  • Range is only restricted by your IP network coverage
  • Easy system to set up and use
  • Encryption provides extra security
  • Licence Free system...no call charges
  • Short text messages and status
  • IPX7 waterproof (only IP100H)
  • IP Phone and Transceiver Interconnection

Our IP Radio solution offers a scalable licence-free communication system using standard wireless networking products infrastructure, infrastructures that in many cases, may already be in place in your business or organisation.

Just check out the example below to see how this revolutionary two way radio system can benefit your business!


As well as the examples that have already been show, the system is also for the following other business sectors:

- Factories
- Schools, colleges and universities
- Care homes
- Facility Management
- Highway and rail repair
- Stadia
- Tunnels and underground buildings
- Historic Buildings and museums

For more information, product demonstration or chat about the benefits for your organisation, please get in touch with us using the 'Contact Us' form on this microsite.

Other Business Applications

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