TV studios, Theatres or for Outside Event


  • Easy to install
  • Group or individual conversations in full duplex
  • Covert handset with high sound quality
  • High security system
  • Cost-effective system

There are many customers in need of simple and cost effective full-duplex communication. With Icom's IP radio you can quickly create a high performance radio system previously not thought possible. With the IP100H you can easily have a conversation with excellent sound in full duplex.


This will suit many customers in the broadcast and entertainment industry because it is licence free, high performance system. The compact size of the IP100H IP Communication Radio/Handset and ease of handling is something that will appeal to customers without a radio background. The radio also uses a high encryption to prevent outside interference.

The Icom IP advanced radio system is suitable for customers who work with various productions such as a television, theatre or outside events.

TV studios, Theatres or for Outside Event

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